Action Auto Recovery - RA 1798
"Southern California Repossession & Skip Tracing Experts Since 1967"

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Licensed-Insured-Bonded / CFPB Compliant / Members of AFA-CALR-CUCC / CRA Certified
Servicing: Los Angeles and Orange Counties Daily!

Action Auto Recovery - Odds & Ends:

In Loving Memory:

Louis "Bud" Dean 1936-2011 Fast Eddie1939-2006 Murphy 1998-2006    

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Phonetic Alphabet:

Letter Pronunciation Letter Pronunciation Number Pronunciation
A Alpha (AL fah) N November (no VEM ber) 0 ZEE row
B Bravo (BRAH VOH) O Oscar (OSS cah) 1 WUN
C Charlie (CHAR lee) P Papa (pah PAH) 2 TOO
D Delta (DELL tah) Q Quebec (keh BECK) 3 TREE
E Echo (ECK oh) R Romeo (ROW me oh) 4 FOW er
F Foxtrot (FOKS trot) S Sierra (see AIR rah) 5 FIFE
G Golf (GOLF) T Tango (TANG go) 6 SIX
H Hotel (hoh TELL) U Uniform (YOU nee form) 7 SEVEN
I India (IN dee ah) V Victor (VIK tah) 8 AIT
J Juliet (JEW lee ETT) W Whiskey (WISS key) 9 NINE er
K Kilo (KEY loh) X X Ray (ECKS RAY)
L Lima (LEE mah) Y Yankee (YANG key)
M Mike (MIKE) Z Zulu (ZOO loo)

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