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Action Auto Recovery - Lunar Property Storage Location:

Action Auto Recovery - State of the Art Repossession Company has now purchased property on Luna "Earth's Moon" We are now prepared for the future!

Our secure storage facility is guarded by NASA 24/7. At this time the daily storage rates to our clients is free for the first 15 light-years and to your customers apx $25,500.00 per light-year. We do offer a reduced rate to our clients for the 30 light-year holds. We wish we could offer free delivery to your local auction but due to the logistics please call for a quote.

We are the Legal owner of the property located at:
Sinus Fridium (Bay of Rainbows)
47.3 North Latitude, 33.9 West Longitude
Track 6 - Parcel 8056
designated on Luna, Earth's Moon.
Record # 77731 - File # 5653B643P

Click on the links below for more information:

Claim And Deed Click Here
Property Data Click Here
Declartation of Citizenship Click Here

Here is your contact for Property on the Moon - Click Here

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