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Action Auto Recovery - In Loving Memory Fast Eddie:

Feburary 19 th 1937 - July 31st 2006

Edward Marcinak, or many have known him as "Fast Eddie", Butch or Ed Marcie. No one will forget him. Eddie worked in the vehicle recovery business for over 40 years. His nickname of "Fast Eddie" came to be as he was the quickest and fastes skip tracer to find and recover vehicles.

Eddie suffered from a poor heart and on July 31st he departed. A resident of East Los Angeles and was married to the late and beautiful Esther Hanamaikai Marciniak.

Edward Cyprian Marciniak -Survived by a daughter Edriene Mahealani Marciniak-Nu'uhiwa and son in law , Harry Kalaniku Nu'uhiwa and grandsons and granddaughters. Oldest grandson Carlos John Kanani Ichiro Casas Nu'uhiwa, then Anthony James Keli'i Masahiro Casas Nu'uhiwa--then Lisa Marie Kamehanamakamae O kala kapu Laverla Pesquira - Joshua William Kula Bautista - Devon Joseph Pomaika'i Mitsuo Brooks Nu'uhiwa and 3 stepgrandchildren - Kanani Kamehanamakamae O'Kala Nu'uhiwa- Ashton Kalaniku Nu'uhiwa - Kawika Kaniala Nu'uhiwa.

This is chronological order of the grandkids.

Oct 2003 - Eddies first ever computer. And Proud Nascar Hood Owner.



Eddie working on that computer thing!


Eddie with his Nascar #8 book also being silly saying Merry Christmas!


Eddie and his Daughter Edriene October 2005

Nani , Ashton and Kawika Eddie's Step Grand Children

Photos of Eddies Grandchildren left to right
Anthony - Edriene's husband kalani - C.J.& Devon.

Eddies Daugher Edriene

Isaiah 26:4
Trust in the LORD forever, for in the LORD GOD you have an everlasting rock.

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We miss Ed very much.
I guess I got used to working in the yard and chatting with him on and off about what Earnhardt, Jr. was up to and the rest of the racers or just bullshitting about the usual goings on that happen on a daily basis.

We miss him coming out front and hanging out with us on a Sunday afternoon and talking about work (his work, of course, always seemed a lot more exciting). Every time Frank left town we'd always let Ed know and it certainly gave me a lot more peace knowing I wasn't really alone in case something came up.

I know he's in a better place and hope he knows how much he is missed and how much he was loved while he was here. Living here without Ed will always seem empty and strange. We were lucky to have such a wonderful close neighbor like Ed.
Everytime time I hear a song by Fleetwood Mac I will think of Ed.

Frank and Mary Ann -North Hollywood.

Aloha to all !!!
I would love to express my extreme graditude for all the prayers and cards and gifts to my family. Dad was not the kind of person who wanted anyone to make a big fuss over him and when I did he'd give me that look and say " Ok Dear."

All of the well wishes are so much appreciated and I want to take the time to thank the very special people in our lives. Bud- Thank you so much for supporting and respecting and basically " putting up " with Dad. He thought so highly of you. You didn't give up on him and had faith and compassion for him as well. For that , we thank you.

Chuck - Without your quick thinking and kindness and wittiness , I really do not know where my Dad would've been. You thought of him as a friend , but the friendship turned into a kinship of Father and son. You were my eyes and ears when I couldn't be there and kept me abreast on all that was going on with Dad. Words can not express the graditude we have for you. Thank you dude !!! Liz , Dave , Andrew and all I can't remember - Thank you so much for all of your kindness , respect and understanding and help through years of obsticales with my Dad. For all the breakfasts' , lunches and snacks and words shared with Dad , thank you very much.

From my family to all of you , Mahalo from the bottom of our hearts. Dad would've been so proud of all of you.

Eddie, help us all here on this planet, thank you for your hard work
and support. Thinking of you Ton's! Love Chuck.

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