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Action Auto Recovery - Recovery Agent Tools:

Listed Below are some "Skip Tracing Links". These are all FREE searches. You get what you pay for! I have dertermined most are crap but you could get lucky! As your support team in the offcie we use all the PAID tools to give you the best informaion before we give you the asingment / case. So here you go have fun, Good Luck and Be Safe!

Please let us know what additional items you would like to see here &
also report all errors to us so we can correct them.

The Adobe Reader Agent forms listed below are Editable & Printable:
You must have Adobe Reader 7.0 or newer installed on your computer to enter & print information.
If you do not have Adobe Reader  Click Here to Download and Install the FREE version

Agent Forms:
1.   Agent: Police Department Phone Numbers Southern CA:   Click Here
2.   Agent: Vehicle Condition Report - Print Only:   Click Here
3.   Agent: Vehicle Condition Report - Fill In & Print:   Click Here
4.   Agent: Notice of Seizure / Personal Effects Inventory - Fill In & Print:   Click Here
5.   Agent: Release Vehicle To Transport Company:   Click Here
6.   Agent: Release Vehicle Back To Customer:   Click Here
7.   Agent: Need Key Code / Key For Recovery:   Click Here
8.   Agent: Contact & Collect / Door Knock:   Click Here
9.   Agent: Receipt For Vehicle - Voluntary:   Click Here
10. Agent: Final Chance To Release Vehicle:   Click Here
11. Agent: Impound Tow Yard Violation Letter: Lets Take Them To Court!   Click Here
12. Bureau of Security & Investigative Services: RAE Live Scan Form   Click Here
13. Bureau of Security & Investigative Services: Notice of Violent Act Form   Click Here
14. Bureau of Security & Investigative Services: Unlicensed & Unregistered Activity  Click Here
15. Effective April 2nd 2009 all new hires must complete the Department of Homeland Security I-9 16. Employment Eligibility Verification Form Click Here

Maps & Driving Directions: The Best Directions to Single Family Homes - Shows the house. Click Here
Yahoo Maps - Ya I know but in case you need it! Click Here
Map Quest - Ya better than Yahoo I know! Click Here
Bing Maps - Quick Driving Driections Direct and Fast! - This Is Cool! Click Here

Manheim Auto Auctions - Locations Click Here
ADESA Auto Auctions - Locations Click Here
South Bay Auto Auction - Gardena Click Here
Collateral Liquidators Auto Auction Long Beach Click Here

Good Stuff: (Local Live Traffic) Click Here
Traffic Gauge - Los Angeles & Orange Counties Freeways Traffic Maps Live Click Here
Dept of Consumer Affairs - Smog Check Gives you VIN or Plate Click Here
Dept of Consumer Affairs - RA # Look Up Click Here
Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locater - Check It Out! Click Here
Los Angeles Sheriffs Inmate Locate - Very Good! Click Here
Orange County Sheriffs Inmate Loacate - Click on eServices Click Here
San Diego Sheriffs Inmate Locate Click Here
Search California's Jails by County Click Here
United States Postal Zip Code Look Up - When It Works! Click Here

Free Searchs for People and Business: A Great POE Look Up - And Reverse Phone Click Here - Business Look Up You Might Get Lucky? Click Here
All One Search - For what its worth Internet search for Web Sites By Name Click Here
Dex Knows - Find a Business Adress and Phone Number - Who Is Dex? Click Here
Big Yellow - Find a Business Address and Phone Number - Just Like The Rest! Click Here
Verizon Land Line Look Up - Only If Listed Blaa Blaa Blaa Click Here
Websites: - We all know who he is! Click Here
LDM - For your Locksmith Tools and Keys Click Here

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